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I love the thong I got the staff was really polite and caring she wasn’t rude at all they are stually very nice thing again about therenside bc Kate was being rude to the lady so don’t make it all about u Kate bc it’s not

Amy, 19 Jul 2021

Phoned up to be told they was to busy to take my order and phone back in 10 min or to use online tried to use online but couldn’t pay on the cash option on either site I tried them rang back and was spoke to very rudely and was told further I couldn’t place a order when they are so called so busy but can answer the phone very poor customer service skills I put the phone down and ordered else where as I didn’t think they deserved my service definitely unacceptable as a takeout not impressed one bit

Aaron, 04 Jul 2021

Tried to ring up and place an order seeing as I live 2 mins round the corner from the shop, Wouldn’t let me an order online as it said that our postcode was out of range for delivery (0.8 Miles away by the way). Rang up once, and asked how can I place an order, only to be told by somebody that she couldn’t hear me and then she put the phone down. My girlfriend then tried ringing up, and asked again, why can’t we make an order online as we live 0.8 miles away and was told ‘Tell whoever it is around you to be quiet as they’re too loud’ and her attitude was disgraceful, so this time we put the phone down and decided to order from Sweet Tings In Ashton who had no issues with making an order. Will never give our Custom again, thanks.

Nathan Gaskell, 28 Feb 2021

I was absolutely disgusted in the way the staff speak to customers! I rang as my order didn’t taste right and I wanted another one sent out. The first girl I spoke to laughed on the phone with her colleague and then was so rude as she passed me over to another member of staff who wasn’t any better! I was so shocked at how they speak to their customers and I will definitely not order from here again! The manager at the Wigan store needs to speak to his staff about some manners and respect as otherwise he’s employing people who have clearly no experience in customer service!

Helena , 22 Jan 2021

Very rude staff spoke in a different language to another staff member and both laughed and looked at me while I was looking at the products because I wasn’t to sure what to order not welcoming at all I will not be going back to this place and I will be telling people about my experience after I did order from this shit place they give me wrong change back which was another problem to sort out wasn’t helpful at all

Donna, 14 Jan 2021

Really nice, I would definitely recommend & will be going back. Was really quick. Asked if they could put a bit of something on for my daughters birthday & they did which was really thoughtful, thankyou so much

Judith Jones, 18 Nov 2020

I wouldn't even rate this 1. I ordered through Just Eat 1. Ferrero Rocher Sundae and 1. Mango Gelato Sundae and my order arrived at the time it should have which was fine. I gave my disabled mother her one and she started to eat hers, the other was not touched and when I looked at the it there was no Ferrero Rocher on the ice cream at all. I went to check my mother's who had eaten just over a quarter of hers. I checked there was no fruit pieces and it was covered in strawberry sauce not what is written on the website when ordering. I contacted the store to inform of this mistake and was passed over the most horrendous staff member I have ever spoken too in all my life. She answered the phone with no hello just "what is wrong" I explained and she told me that the staff member who made the ice cream said she did put ferrero rocher on the ice cream and there is no mango sauce so they put strawberry on instead. I explained that there was no ferrero rocher on my ice cream, why would I lie about a chocolate? I also said it was fine about the sauce but there is no fruit pieces in the ice cream so I've just paid £20 for what? The staff member asked if I wanted her to send out the order again...Normally I wouldn't bother and I genuinely contacted the store to inform of their mistake not because I wanted compensating BUT because I felt like they were accusing me of lying I said yes I wanted the order replacing. The staff member said ok then I said ok thanks bye the staff member very rudely said "ER I NEED YOUR POSTCODE" so I said "er don't talk to me like that" and she said "like what you was going and I need your postcode" I said "your talking to me aggressively and I haven't done anything wrong, you have made a mistake and your speaking to me like that" The staff member started to raise her voice at me saying she is with people and she needs my post code I told her I wanted to speak to her manager and she said he wasn't in so I said right i will come down then and give it her back she said "COME ON THEN" as if she thought I was threatening her. I got in the car and drove down, I asked who it was who I spoke to on the phone and she stood there and said it was her. I told her not to talk to me like that she said I started it and I shouted at her. This is a staff member who is being paid to be there having a full blown argument with me about who is right and wrong when the order was BLATENLY WRONG! At this point as you can imagine I am absolutely livid so yes I was shouting back at her and I won't lie I was shouting but how can someone be so defensive when it was their mistake and speaking to me like I am lying. I took out the ice cream and she said "you've ate half of it" I said yes my mum who is a disabled woman ate half of her ice cream because she didnt realise it was wrong it was me that say the other ice cream was not touched at all!! We also ordered churros that I didn't take back because the order was correct if I was trying to get something out of the company i'd have took everything back. I told her I paid £20 for items that were wrong and they needed replacing and I wanted a refund purely for the fact that I was being spoken to like i was an idiot, she was stood there arguing with me saying no she isn't doing it because half of the ice cream has been eaten. I had to keep explaining to her that YES my DISBALED mother had eaten half of her ice cream!!! The other one had not been touched. I kept asking for the managers number, she wouldn't give me it. I told her i will sit here all night until I get the number she said she didnt care I could sit there all night if I wanted too, she's not bothered!! I kid you not I was about to throw the ice cream at her if it wasn't for a male member of staff who came out and told a different staff member to replace the ice cream. She was stood there with a face on at the bottom of the counter and man was apologising and explaining that if there is a problem then they will replace the items no problem and I didnt have to come all the way down for that. I said I did have to come down because she spoke to me like I am an idiot and I am a liar and I won't be spoken to like that. The female member of staff kept coming back to put her one pence in after I told her I don't want to speak to her, she literally kept walking away and coming back to say what she felt she needed to this even normal when a paying customer is clearly irate because of you and you still keep coming back to defend yourself and not taking responsibility for how your acting and what your saying. Yes I was upset Yes I was extremely angry Yes I was absolutely appalled by the level of customer service And actually reading the other reviews its very apparant that I am not the only person who has a problem with staff's attitude! There was even a point where she stood there and said "I'm not bothered me, I am actually not bothered I won't be spoken to like that so I don't care" I even said to her I am speaking to you like this because of YOU and that you are supposed to be the front of this ice cream parlor and this is how you are treating customers like I am a liar and made me leave my disabled mother at home to come out and rectify the issue. I just cant comprehend what has happened and what I have been through, I left the Pemberton store with replacement ice creams and no refund and this is down to the man who was in the store because if he wasn't there to calm the situation down and ensure that I was ok and take my details to pass on to the manager I would still be sat there now waiting for him or the phone number because of what I have experienced at that store. I have sat instore and had deliveries many times before but I will never ever ever step foot in there again and I will never ever ever spend 1p of my money in that store because of her she is an absolute disgrace and does not have one ounce of customer service skills! I have left my contact details and will expect a call from the owner or manager of the store!

Kate, 13 Oct 2020

Appalled at the member of staff serving tonight. The woman serving abruptly confronted my friend about not wearing a mask. She suffers with anxiety and asthma and has a exemption letter. This was clearly and very politely explain but not listened to and interrupted as I was trying to explain. She replied with an awful attitude saying ‘well I have asthma and work here I have to wear one’. My friend started to become unsettled and anxious which was very clear. The staff member the tuned to her colleague and said ‘she hasn’t got a mask trying to use asthma as a f**king excuse’. Which made the anxiety even worse. Under no circumstances is this acceptable customer service. We certainly don’t appreciate listening to that fowl language when we have come in as a paying customer. Management need to apply staff training on customer service. Looking at the previous reviews this is not the first time a situation like this has happened.Due to this confrontation tonight by the staff member my friend sadly suffered an anxiety attack and had to leave. Absolutely disgusting customer service and will not be returning or recommending!!

Becky , 25 Sep 2020

I am absolutely disgusted at the treatment by your staff at the Wigan branch tonight this evening, due to not wearing a mask. My son is diagnosed with sensory processing disorder, speech and language delay and currently going through tests for autism he is 3 years old. I have no way of explaining to him why I have to wear a mask. I have tried to wear the mask but this causes him to become distressed and hurt himself there for I am exempt as his carer. I had to state on at least 3 occasions to your rude staff that my child had ‘special needs’ all the shop heard me and this was very humiliating. We order often and our visit was a treat for my 6 daughter tonight, I will never spend another penny and will share my experience of the visit. I deeply suggest you inform your staff on how to treat those with hidden disabilities and their carers. Also I shouldn’t be questioning. ‘I’m exempt’ And also ‘I’m not obliged to tell you that information under the equality act 2010. Possibly a good idea to look into staff training on customer service and equality.

Gemma Bradshaw , 24 Sep 2020

Very rude staff, I asked about my order because it had nuts on the top of the waffle (u see I’m still getting test done at the hospital to see which nuts I’m allergic to , when I asked staff they started talking about me behind my back, then when they re did my order again with out putting nuts on they burnt my order ( on purpose!!!) definitely will not be coming back and will be telling people my experience with your place. The one I went is the Pemberton Wigan gelatroroyale time approx 20.30pm 16th September , I work in customer services and I WOULD never speak to a customer the way I was spoken too .

Yates, 16 Sep 2020